Dear Alabama Watercolorists,

I am very excited to share a great possibility for a Watercolor Exhibit!  I am currently curating an exhibit to show
at the Carnegie Arts Museum, Decatur, AL in August and September of 2017.  The Smithsonian Museum
Exhibit "Think Water" will also be showing and that exhibit includes free-standing kiosks that will have large
images, videos, and interactive components.  The kiosks will be located thoughout the Art Museum gallery

The theme of our Exhibit is "Water + Color"  and the exhibit can only include paintings relating to water in some
way...water as the subject.  We are looking for paintings that relate to how water has/can effect/affect your life.  
It can be spiritual, environmental, everyday usage, anything depicting how water touches our lives....tell us a
story.  It will be a great opportunity to be able to show your art work in conjunction with a Smithsonian Exhibit.  

I am including a website for your information: which outlines
the traveling Exhibition. I am also attaching two articles of what other groups have done with the "Think Water"
Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit.  
Think Water / Think Water 2

The Carnegie Arts Museum has requested that I curate a Watercolor show that will hang on the walls of the
Museum to enhance the Smithsonian Exhibit, which consists of interactive Think Water kiosks located on the
floors of the galleries.  The exhibit will hang approximately 50 paintings; it will be juried.     

• All paintings must be original composition by the submitting artist and painted on watercolor paper or
watercolor canvas/board. ONLY WATERCOLOR PAINTS ARE PERMITTED; no photographs or reproductions
of any kind.
• Size limit: Image - Minimum 8x10 (80 Sq. Inches) - Maximum NTE 40" either Height or Width
                 Frame - Paintings must be framed; NTE 3" wide; no colored or painted frames, Plexiglas required,  
                 ready to hang with taped ends or plastic coating.
• Mats:  Required - either white or off white (no colored mats)
• No time limit on year painted.
• Up to 3 images can be submitted for juror review. Images must be in jpeg format; High resolution.
The Juror may select more than one image per artist to exhibit.
• There is no entry fee.  However, the artist is responsible for delivering (UPS/FedX or hand carry) the paintings
to the Museum and picking them up according to the published schedule. All delivery costs/return shipments
are the artist's expense. There will not be a shipping handling fee, however, a prepaid shipping label must be
included in all shipped paintings.
• The deadline for entry is June 20; Juror Decision will be NLT Jun 25.  You will be notified by email, along with
shipping/delivery instructions.
• The paintings can be For Sale or Not For Sale. No commission will be taken by the Carnegie Arts Museum.
• Submission and selection of your painting(s) will give your consent to allow the Carnegie Arts Museum to use
your selected images for advertisement/educational purposes.

•  Color must be accurate for web publication.
*  Images must be saved in either JPEG format.

*  Images must be cropped to exclude frames, mats &background.
*  Each image must have the artist’s last name, an entry number (A, B, C) and title to coincide with
(e.g. ShepardARock.jpg, ShepardBScissors.jpg,etc.)  Entries must be by E-mail/attachments only.
• Artists will be notified by email of paintings selected and they will receive shipping/delivery instructions by e-
mail from Jaceena Shepard.  
•  Changes/substitutions to entries will not be accepted after the Entry Deadline - June 20th, 2017
•  No painting may be substituted and none may be removed before the end of the show.
•  Send completed Entry Form below to ( When you hit the reply button on your email, you
can clear all of the above information, and then be able to fill out the form below to send as your entry form.
You can also copy and paste the entry form into a new email.  Don't forget to attach your images.)

Please send me an email and tell me if you are interested in participating or not.

Jaceena F. Shepard
Phone: 256 810-9240
E-mail: j
ENTRY DEADLINE RECEIPT:  June 20, 2017    Please print your personal and painting information in the
ENTRY FORM exactly as you would like it to be listed in the Exhibition. Click for Entry Form.