Judy Seymour
Serving the Greater Morgan County area
I began drawing as a teenager when I was in pageants.  It   has been a lifelong passion of mine since then to draw as
relaxation.  When I began to reach a “ripe-old” age I started to wonder what mark I had made on the world.  Besides my
children, I could think of nothing that could    be my “legacy”.  In 2004, I took oil lessons from Michael Paige Glover.  I felt he
was moving too slow for my pace and I pushed him to speed me along.  On my own, at home, I began painting a portrait
that was a copy of a Schiele.  When I had finished, I took it for him to critique.  After a few minor corrections, I moved on  
Brother where art thou?” which seemed to help me move quickly with my strokes.  Sadly, Paige moved back to New York
City and I happily joined Scott Willis' acrylic classes.  It took a struggling one year to adjust from oils to acrylics.  I knew I
could draw, I just needed to learn the techniques.  Five years with Scott taught me a lot.  He allowed me to play with a lot of
texture and grow as an artist.

I have taken workshops from Jackie Goode Briscoe, Robin Roberts, Carole Foret and Rickie Higgins in this area.  I have
also taken from Kent Walsh in Pt. Clear, Al and Bill Harrison in Fairhope, Al.  I feel like a sponge and cannot learn enough
fast enough.  I can do abstracts at the same time I am doing tiny detail work.  So, needless to say, my work is all over the
map and is always what I feel like painting at the moment.  I am a member of the Decatur Art Guild.

I currently show at Kathleen's Fine Arts(formally Willis-Gray Gallery)in Decatur and annually at the Carnegie Arts in
Decatur.  For several years my work was also shown at Abet Studio in Pensacola, Fl.  In a 2009 juried show at the
Carnegie, my piece titled “Rainy Day” placed second out of 95 artists.  In 2012 I won best in show for “Girl with Crow”.  
Some of my work is on a commission basis.  Occasionally, I do not like the commission, but by the time I am finished I love
it!  I also donate 8-10 pieces annually to local fundraisers and charity organizations.  Each October I have a show at
Kathleen's with the group I paint with regularly.  The show is called “Legends in Their Own Minds”.

I love what I do, and feel I am leaving my mark on the world finally!  That is a relaxing, peaceful and satisfying feeling.