Elizabeth Hornish
Artist Statement

When I was in the eighth grade, I was privileged to see a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit at the Carnegie Museum in
Pittsburgh, PA six times.  I fell in love with Van Gogh’s use of color and paint.  When I started to paint over twenty years
ago, I decided to work towards being able to use color and paint in a similar manner.  I paint today because I love the
magic that comes about from applying water, color and paint to paper.  My way of developing my skills is to select a
technique and work on learning how to use it effectively.  Over the years, I came to the understanding that painting is
more than applying paint to canvas or paper.  Painting is also the culmination of all of my experiences, faith, and
learning.  My painting style is nothing like Vincent Van Gogh’s but very much my own.  
My style is basically realism with a touch of abstraction or whimsy.  I like to take a subject and simplify the lines and
detail.  Sometimes I enlarge an item to achieve a dramatic effect.  My use of color depends on the subject and also the
effect I want to achieve in the painting.  I do like color so some of my paintings have lots of bold color.  However, I also
like the look of soft colors and soft lines.  My subject matter includes landscapes, still lifes and florals.  
At the present time I am learning how to paint white.  White is not white but a wonderful combination of tints and
shadows.  Sometimes those tints and shadows are not easy to see so part of learning how to paint white is teaching
your eye how to recognize all of those lovely hints of color and shadow.  Those tints and shadows can add brilliance
and luminosity to a painting.  
11" x 15" watercolor
Copyright by Elizabeth Hornish
all rights reserved
Three Amigos
copyright by Elizabeth Hornish
all rights reserved
22" x 22" watercolor
copyright by Elizabeth Hornish
all rights reserved